Oversight Board

Mike Brown – AHA Instructor, Firefighter

Medical Team - Firefighter

Mike is a Firefighter Paramedic specializing in special operations, Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials Technician. He has an educational background in Fire Science, Paramedicine and Occupational Safety and Health. With his 25+ years of professional experience he uses his skills in the community teaching emergency life saving skills in CPR and 1st Aid and various other safety programs.


Joe Meier – OSHA Trainer, Firefighter Paramedic

Medical Team - Paramedic

Joe is currently working as an emergency Paramedic. Additionally he serves as a safety supervisor and technical rescue technician providing OSHA required safety oversight and confined space rescue standby. He retired in September of 2016, after a 25 year fire department career from the Mesa Fire & Medical Department in Mesa Arizona. While there he worked as a Firefighter Paramedic in Special Operations which included specialties in Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue. He carries degrees in emergency medical technology, fire science and business management. He uses his 33 years in emergency medical response to teach others life saving skills.


Jessica Nicely – CEO, Winged Hope Family Advocacy

Jessica Nicely is a fierce advocate for victims of abuse and sexual abuse. For over fifteen years, her organization Winged Hope Family Advocacy, has been a stalwart defender of the defenseless. She provides her years of experience working with victims of abuse and sexual exploitation in shaping our child sexual abuse prevention training.