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  • 75% of people forget CPR after 6 months. Get unlimited re-certifications with lifetime access. 
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    Infant CPR Class       Ages 0-1  /  39.99
  • Learn CPR for an infant
  • Learn choking relief for an infant
  • Exclusive demonstration videos
  • Written curriculum
  • 25-question exam
  • Printable certificate
    Child CPR Class       Ages 1 - 8  /  39.99
  • Learn CPR for a child
  • Learn choking relief for a child
  • Exclusive demonstration videos
  • Written curriculum
  • 25-question exam
  • Printable certificate
    Adult CPR Class       Ages 8+  /  39.99
  • Learn CPR for an adult
  • Learn choking relief for an adult
  • Exclusive demonstration videos
  • Written curriculum
  • 25-question exam
  • printable certificate
    All Ages CPR Class       Ages 0+  /  49.99
  • Learn CPR for an infant, child & adult
  • All materials from individual classes included
  • All demonstration videos included
  • Written curriculum
  • 25-question exam
  • Printable certificate
    First Aid       Ages 0+  /  19.99
  • In-depth look at 28 first aid topics
  • Perfect for parents of children of all ages
  • Tips from real paramedics
  • Includes quiz questions on each page
  • 30 question final exam
  • learn to treat everything from seizures to snake bites
    Child Sexual Abuse Prevention       Ages 0+  /  9.99
  • 20 minute, video-based course with exam
  • Learn how to spot the warning signs in children.
  • Learn how peer-to-peer abuse happens.
  • Learn how to respond to a disclosure.
  • Learn how abusers target victims and groom.

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Even with all the resources at an ER, proper CPR is by far the most important thing we do to save patients. Having the knowledge and confidence to perform these tasks as soon as a child goes unconscious is priceless.

Julie Odegard - ER Registered Nurse

Regardless of experience level, high-quality CPR is what sustains life in the pre-hospital setting, until more advanced medical care can be provided.

Taylor G. - Paramedic

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Infant CPR Steps - Reference for an Emergency:

Here are the infant CPR steps at a quick glance. Please keep in mind that to responsibly learn CPR, you need to take the full class offered above. This is for your quick reference if you are experiencing an emergency.

Step 1: Check for responsiveness. Gently tap the infant's foot or shoulder and yell. If the baby is unresponsive, move on to the next step and call 911 immediately. 

Step 2: Give 30 chest compressions. Put the baby on a hard, flat surface. Take 2 fingers and find the center of the chest just below the imaginary line between the nipples. Push down 1/3 the thickness of the chest at a rate of 100/minute. The AHA recommends pushing to the beat of "staying alive" by the Bee Gees. 

Step 3: Open the airway. Gently tilt the head back being careful to not tilt it too far.

Step 4: Give 2 breaths. Cover the mouth and the nose with your mouth, creating a seal, and give 2 gentle breaths, watching to see the chest rise and then release.

Step 5: Continue giving infant CPR until help arrives.  CPR keeps blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs until advanced medical help can take over. Don't give up!

Who should take these courses?

Our online CPR training is meant for everyone who cares for a child. We offer CPR courses specifically designed for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, family members, babysitters, teachers and nannies.

You can purchase as many courses as needed to help prepare yourself and others around you. During the checkout process you'll have the option to assign courses to different users by simply entering their email addresses. Each user will receive an automatic email with a username and login.

Give the gift of peace of mind

You can also purchase a course for somebody else as a gift. All you need to do is select “give a gift” in the course selection. You will be asked to provide an email address for the person for whom you are purchasing the gift. Once the course has been purchased, an email will immediately be sent to the recipient. This email will include the necessary login information for the recipient.

A CPR and choking relief course is a thoughtful gift for a baby shower and Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It would also make a nice party favor for family and close friends in attendance at your child’s next birthday party.

Few gifts are as purposeful and generous as an online CPR training course.

What materials and resources are provided in the CPR classes?

Online Classroom Capture

When you purchase one of our online CPR classes you are given access to an extensive training module. We designed the training to walk you through all of the steps to ensure that you know how to perform CPR on an infant, child, or on an adult.

First, you will watch the professionally produced training videos. The first video demonstrates proper CPR steps and the second video demonstrates proper choking relief technique. Then, you will read through the written curriculum. At the end of each chapter you are given one question about the material. This is to help you prepare of the exam at the end of the training module.

From start to finish, we estimate that it will take you 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete the full training including the test. If you have further questions as to what is included in these courses, please contact us.

Here are the titles of the chapters in the written curriculum. These topics are included in all of our classes: Child CPR, Infant / Baby CPR, Adult CPR, and All Ages CPR).

  • Introduction to CPR:  Gives a brief introduction to CPR and what you will learn in the module.

  • Anatomy of CPR:  Gives an overview of CPR from a biological perspective. This section will help you understand what is actually happening when you give chest compressions and rescue breaths.

  • Common Myths:  We identify and debunk common misconceptions about CPR to help prepare you for the reality of an emergency. 

  • Mental Preparation:  Most people don't perform these skills on a regular basis. As such, being mentally ready to handle a crisis is of utmost importance. In this section we give you some exercises to help prepare you mentally.

  • Secure the Scene:  You will learn how to determine whether or not an emergency scene is safe before you begin rescue attempts.

  • Determine if CPR is Needed:  Giving CPR to a somebody who doesn't need it can result in disaster. In this section, you will learn about the signs and symptoms of a victim who actually needs cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

  • Check for Responsiveness:  In this section, you will learn how to check if a victim is responsive to stimulus or not.

  • Get Help:  One of the most important parts of an emergency rescue is getting advanced medial help on the scene as soon as possible. You will learn how to get 911 to the scene while still giving the victim the best chance of survival.

  • Chest Compressions:  The central component to cardiopulmonary resuscitation is chest compressions. Learn how to give high-quality chest compressions to keep the blood flowing through the body. 

  • Hands Only CPR:  Recently, studies have shown that performing CPR only using chest compressions is extremely effective. Learn how to perform hands only CPR on older children and adults. 

  • Rescue Breaths:  Rescue breathing helps give oxygen to the blood that you are pumping through the body with chest compressions. Learn how to give effective rescue breaths. 

  • Putting it Together:  In this portion, you will learn how to put all of the individual CPR steps together into a cohesive process. 

  • Introduction to Choking Relief:  This is a brief introduction to the choking relief training module. 

  • Anatomy of Choking Relief:  Learn about the physiological aspects of back blows and the Heimlich maneuver. You will learn how both of these techniques are manual attempts to simulate a forceful cough. 

  • Recognize a Choking Victim:  People often think somebody is choking when he or she really is not choking. Learn the signs of a victim who is truly choking. 

  • Choking Relief Instruction:  In this section you will study step-by-step instructions on how to give back blows for small babies and little children. You will learn the Heimlich maneuver for older children and adults. 

  • Common Choking Objects:  The final section covers a variety of common household choking objects to be wary of. 

What is the Online Classroom?

The online classroom is the section of the website where you can access all of the Infant CPR training material. In order to access the training in the Online Classroom, you will need to have an account, which can only be created after purchasing a course.

You will be prompted to set up your account during the checkout process. You can also gain access to the Online Classroom if somebody else purchases the CPR class for you. An email with your username and password will be emailed to you if someone has purchased courses on your behalf.

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