We are proud to call the following organizations our partners. To inquire about becoming an infantCPR.com partner please send us an email

Dad's for Special Kids

D4 Sk Trans Gif Logo Dad's for Special Kids is a non profit organization that serves fathers with special needs children. They hold monthly meetings for fathers who need support and understanding for their unique challenges. If you are a father of a special needs child, then we highly recommend you reach out to Dads for Special Kids.

First Aid Supplies Online

first aid supplies online First Aid Supplies Online is your source for quality first aid kits and supplies online since 1999! They have everything from AED's to CPR supplies. This is a one-stop-shop for all of your emergency care supplies and needs.

Belly Ballot

Belly Ballot   Blue Text, Pink Bag Belly Ballot is a fun and innovative website that helps parents with the difficult task of naming their baby. You start by picking 5 "finalist" names. Then you have your friends and family vote on the name that they like the most! Every week they run a contest where the person with the most votes wins a fantastic giveaway.

Kids Activities Blog

Logo 1Every Parent should bookmark Kidsactivitesblog.com. Started by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller, this blog seeks to help caregivers discover extraordinary learning opportunities through fun activities with nothing more than stuff found in the junk drawer. The blog is nicely organized and very frequently updated. InfantCPR.com was recently featured on Kids Activities Blog. You can read the full post here. If you are a parent, teacher, babysitter or grandparent, we highly recommend making this phenomenal online resource.