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Our Story

Ourstory2 Crop ResizeChildren of all ages often swallow things they shouldn’t –– it’s part of their exploration process. And backyard pools and park lakes are part of our communities –– it only takes a second for a child to wander into one.

Knowing what to do in these types of emergencies –– and knowing how to perform CPR on an infant –– is critical for anyone who watches infants and small children.

That’s why we started Infant CPR –– to equip people with the knowledge and techniques necessary for preventing a tragedy in such a situation. Won’t you join the community of caregivers who have mastered these critical skills?

It Started with a Piece of Apple

The Founder's Story:

We were new parents, completely in love with our new six-month-old bundle of giggles and diapers. In typical new parent fashion, we read books, attended a birthing class, prepared the nursery, and gleaned as much insight from our friends with children.

We felt prepared.

After the initial shock of sleepless nights and a new schedule, we settled in. When our baby was eight months old, she started to eat solid food. It was around this time when something happened that set us on a path to create infantcpr.com.

One day, we struck up a conversation with a friend of ours who is a nurse. She explained the steps to take if our baby ever choked. She told us how to deliver back blows and dislodge a foreign object from a baby.

My wife and I were not CPR certified and had never taken a choking relief class.

It wasn't one week later when our baby girl was eating a piece of apple and suddenly went silent. Sensing something was wrong, Tarah picked her up and noticed that she was blue. 

She was choking, seriously choking.

Acting quickly, she flipped our baby over and began delivering back blows between the shoulder blades. After a few tries, the piece of apple flew out and our girl started to breathe again.

This shook us deeply.

What would have happened if she had never spoken with our nurse friend? Would our baby have made it? These questions filled our minds.  We also asked, what about other parents? Did other parents make it a point to take a baby CPR class ? Or, like us, was that something they simply pushed off. 

We researched and found that we were not alone. Countless parents and caregivers confessed to having never taken a CPR and choking relief class for their children. They admitted that they would be completely powerless if something horrible happened. We found the primary reason was the inconvenience of standard CPR courses. To ask a parent to carve out a few hours on a Saturday, after they have been working all week and up all night, was too much.

So, we started infantCPR.com. Our mission was, and still is, to create the highest quality and most up-to-date online CPR training available for parents and caregivers.

If you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter, or any other caregiver, we invite you to sign up for a class and begin your training.

One hour could save a life!