General South Carolina Information

Nicknamed the “Palmetto State,” South Carolina is bordered by Georgia, North Carolina, the Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean. The state is officially part of the Province of Carolina. The Province of South Carolina was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence from the British during the American Revolution.

South Carolina is comprised of five geographic areas whose boundaries roughly parallel the Atlantic coastline. Because of all of the natural and changing landscape, there is much to see and do in this state.

Kiawah Island is one of the most popular things go see in South Carolina. It is a barrier island on the Atlantic coast and is located just south of Charleston. The island attracts many each year as it is mainly operated today as a gated beach and golf resort with spacious villas, beaches, large and acclaimed golf courses.

For other great attractions to see while in South Carolina, many tourists love checking the Carolina Opry, the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, and for the history buffs the USS Yorktown and Patriot’s Point, and Fort Sumter (best known for the site upon which the shots that started the Civil War were fired at the Battle of Fort Sumter. And If you ever are in South Carolina, tasting some of the local cuisine is an absolute must. A favorite in the area is Sweatman’s BBQ in Holly Hill, where their Barbeque Hash is world famous.

Medical Statistics

Pediatric Statistics

Ranking 25th in the country, South Carolina mothers gave birth to 58,342 according to the most recent census. At 35th in the country, the number of live births per 1,000 here is only 12.6 per 1,000. As far as the number of live births broken down by ethnicity, only non-Hispanic Black mothers broke the top 15 ranking 14th Nationally with 18,677 births.

Teen (15-19 years of age) birth rate is extremely high in South Carolina. Teenage girls (15-19 years old) at a rate of 42.6 per 1,000 are give birth. That is 12th highest in the country. The National average is only 34.2 per 1,000. Moreover, the change in that birth rate between 2007-10 was only -18%, which was just above National average (-17%). Infant mortality rate (deaths per 1,000 live births) is also extremely high, comparatively, in this state at 7.9 per 1,000 live births. That number is 8th highest in America and is almost 1.5 deaths higher than the average.

Childhood (10-17 years of age) obesity is another serious problem in South Carolina. Almost 40% (39.2%) of children here are overweight/obese. That number is almost 10% higher than the American average. Additionally, while this number ranks 44th lowest in the country, just over 50% of children here receive some sort of mental health care (emotional, developmental, behavioral). This number is 11% lower than the American average. However, 78% of children, that is 3% higher than the average, get vaccinated here.

General Statistics

Death rates in South Carolin are extremely obtuse. The American average for deaths per 100,000 is only 747, in South Carolina that number is 854.8. Consequently, life expectancy at birth for South Carolinians is only 77 years. The National average is 78.9 years. And at 13th highest in the country, 22.5% of South Carolinian adults smoke. Men alone are 9th in their respective category, over 26% of them smoke.

Cardiovascular Statistics

With over 362,000 diagnoses of diabetes, South Carolina ranks 21st overall in America. Moreover, at a rate of 189.9 deaths per 100,000, South Carolinians have a higher death rate for diseases relating to the heart than the National average, by almost 11 deaths per 100,000. And at 10th highest in America, over 66% of South Carolinians are overweight/obese.

Demographics Statistics

South Carolina is home to 4,629,000 people and has a median annual household income of only $42,000. That number is almost $10,000 less than the National average. Additionally, at 21st in the country, South Carolina has an unemployment rate greater than the National average. In October of 2012 that number was 9%, a year later it decreased to 8%. Nationally during that same time period the unemployment numbers were only 8% and 7% respectively. And finally, ranking 9th highest in the country, 23% of South Carolinians are living at or below the poverty line. That is 3% higher than the American average.

South Carolina Organizations

Palmetto Health Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital Greenville Health System

Children's Trust of South Carolina

Federation of Families of SC

South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians